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The Point aims to stimulate debate about the challenges affecting business today and offers management teams insight into what works. Featuring guest writers from many walks of industry, government and academia as well as interviews with senior executives from Bridgepoint-owned businesses, The Point is your gateway to what leading growing business are thinking today across Europe.​

Life lite

In the digital world, clothes, cars, pets and penthouses can be rented in seconds. The trend presents manifold opportunities to smart-thinking businesses​



The adage ‘You are what you eat’ has never seemed more apt, with experts increasingly linking gut health to general wellbeing. And the commercial potential is substantial​

Where’s it from?

Provenance matters like never before, as customers and clients question the source and integrity of what they are buying. How can businesses cope?  ​

Data rules

Data has been described as
the ‘new oil’ with good reason.
Used well, it can deliver material benefits to both companies and their customers​

Driving ambition

Tim Buchan left school at 16 to become a car mechanic. Today, he is chief executive of leading UK fleet business Zenith, with 680 employees and 120,000 vehicles​

Above and beyond

Certain companies become national treasures over time, acquiring a special status among consumers. What’s their secret?​

Fancy a drink?

Once it was perfectly normal
to have a quick snifter after
work. But social drinkers are
in danger of becoming social pariahs.​

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Bridgepoint  |  The Point  |  November 2018  |  Issue 34