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The Point aims to stimulate debate about the challenges affecting business today and offers management teams insight into what works. Featuring guest writers from many walks of industry, government and academia as well as interviews with senior executives from Bridgepoint-owned businesses, The Point is your gateway to what leading growing business are thinking today across Europe.​

Age of entitlement

Generation Z has acquired a reputation
or flakiness, inattention and a sense of entitlement. But there are ways of managing this youthful cohort ​

A question
of risk?

How to handle today’s
risky, uncertain and
volatile environment – and even turn it to your advantage​

All in the mind

Research shows that emotion is the driving force behind almost every consumer decision. How can companies benefit?​

Efficiency drive​

The business services sector is plagued by misunderstanding. But it comprises a vast range of activities and makes a significant contribution to the EU economy​

Trust me

Oscar Berglund, CEO of fast- growing payments group Trustly, talks ambition, Scandinavian know-how
and workplace culture​

Cultivating growth​

Sustained growth relies on productivity but some countries seem far more capable of achieving it than others​

How does
it work?

When you can’t even work
out how to use the television
in your house, something
must be wrong. Rhymer Rigby investigates​

Bridgepoint  |  The Point  |  November 2017  |  Issue 32 
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