All smiles

Justin Ash, chief executive of
Oasis Dental Care, on dentists,
politics and the truth about
British oral hygiene

Trust low down

Trust in business has plummeted, 
yet companies that buck the 
trend derive better outcomes 
with all stakeholders. 
How do they do it?

Founding fathers 

Successful business founders share certain characteristics. Careful analysis of what they do differently can help companies to flourish

Delivering the drugs

Pharmaceutical firms have traditionally tested drugs in-house. But outsourcing the process is faster and more cost-effective

Future perfect

Trend forecasting is
a thriving industry.
But how do forecasters
operate and do they actually work?

The blog


BBC presenter Justin
Webb speaks out in favour
of blogs – and how to sort
the good from the bad and the downright ugly

Tech a break

Smart technology can work wonders.
But it needs to be handled with care to
deliver real productivity gains

Intelligent investing in Europe
from Bridgepoint 

City populations have been rising for decades but the trend may now be on 
the turn

the city

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Bridgepoint  |  The Point  |  November 2016  |  Issue 30